U.A. Political Action: Why We Need to get Involved

Political decisions impact the lives of our members and their families every day.  When we elect candidates who support workers and labor unions, they in turn support legislation and policies that create jobs and help workers once they are elected to public office.

But the reality is that we cannot do any of this without your support and participation.  Positive change for working families cannot and will not happen unless labor organizations and their members lead the way.  In order to help our members become more active and involved in the political process, the UA Political Department has developed many user-friendly communication tools available on this site so that all UA members and supporters can join these efforts.

So please join us – Stand Up, Make a Difference, Make Sure YOUR Voice is heard by Political Candidates and Elected Officials in YOUR Area.  If you do, they WILL listen.  There is nothing more powerful than when political leaders hear from their own constituents.

YOUR future is at stake.  NOW is the time to GET INVOLVED.